Our Sister Church

We have a link of friendship with St Paul's by the Sea, which is the Anglican parish church of Milford on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. The link was set up in 2011 and the two parishes will exchange news on a regular basis.

As the link develops other ways of communicating will arise. Although on opposite side of the world we hope that parishioners from both places will enjoy hospitality as they travel as well as finding out what is happening in the two communities.

Milford is in the centre of Auckland's North Shore and St Paul’s church is part of the Auckland Anglican Diocese in the Hauraki Archdeaconry. The parish has two churches. The vicar is the Rev Joyce Marcon

St Paul's, the main Church, is situated near the centre of Milford. It is a modern complex of buildings which include a Church and a Hall connected to each other by a large foyer. This new Church building was dedicated in 1979

Also in the parish is All Hallow's in Castor Bay, there has been a church on this site since the late 1940s. Services are conducted in this Church for both the local Anglican and Presbyterian congregations.

This Church is situated in a quiet, peaceful setting surrounded by trees. There are some wonderful beaches and there is a lovely large lake nearby.