The Lenten Furnishings

Advent and Lent

The altar with lenten furnishings

For the penitential seasons of Advent and Lent, the Laudian cloth is used without an antependium. There is a Greek cross in the centre and at either side are a pair of orphreys.

Detail of the Greek cross
Detail of cross end
The Greek cross is worked in applied dark blue silk fabric, using a lighter shade at the cross ends, with a hand-made woollen cord edging to tone with the altar rail kneelers. The shape of the ends of the arms of the  cross is inspired by the poppy heads on the bench ends of the choir stalls. It also has the appearance of a fleur-de-lys which is a traditional symbol for the Blessed Virgin Mary
Detail of an orphrey
Detail of an orphrey
The  orphreys are designed as outlines of roses and lilies. There are five of each which is symbolic of the five wounds of Christ. The roses and lilies echo the rose and lily which form part of the design of the East window.
The lenten pulpit fall The Lenten pulpit fall carries the same Greek cross as the Laudian cloth.