The church has supported many national charities through a range of donations, and for many years has succeeded in giving at least 10% of its income to charitable causes such as Disaster Relief, the Royal British Legion, the Children’s Society, the Leprosy Mission, Biblelands and many others.  Many individual members of the church also give regularly through church related initiatives such as Caring & Sharing and other schemes.  In Sussex the church has regularly supported Family Support Work and Homelink and has also lent 10,000 to East Sussex Credit Union.  Closer to home the PCC has recently given a total of 12,500 towards the cost of the Village Hall extension.

St Mary's has been fortunate to receive two generous legacies in recent years and in agreement with our Mission Action Plan and our desire to do good in our community, the Vicar and the PCC have launched a new Community Grant Scheme. Each month, for a year, local groups and clubs can apply to be helped by their parish church to realise a new initiative or continue to support local people in ways which make a positive difference to their lives.

Rules & Eligibility Criteria of proposed "St Marys Church Community Small Grants Scheme"

Applicants need not be registered charities, but must be formally constituted groups based in the Parish (or be local branches of national organisations).  Applicant’s objectives should normally be non-profit-making.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate they operate inclusive policies, welcoming members and participants in an open and non-discriminatory fashion.

Applicants need not be religious in nature, but must be able to demonstrate how the group's activities and aims are consistent with those of the church to sustainably improve and enrich the life of the community within the Parish.

Applicants should make clear in their application the use for which the grant will be put.  In assessing whether or not to award any grant, consideration will be given to the purpose for which the funds will be used; in particular whether the funds will support people, activities or parts of the village specifically identified within the church's wider objectives and local Mission Action Plan.  In line with its objective of promoting Christian values among Children, Youth and Families across the Parish, applications are particularly welcomed from groups supporting work with these target groups.  

Applications must also show how (if funds are given by the Church) the support of St Marys will be recognised by those benefitting from the grant, and how the award will be publicised more widely across the wider Parish.

The maximum application for funds able to be considered under the Parish Community Small Grants scheme will be 500.  (Any need for funds exceeding 500 will be put for consideration by the full PCC, who will require more details such as accounts and details of matching funds etc.)  The award of any grant, and its value, will be at the church’s complete discretion.  No correspondence will be entered into regarding unsuccessful applications, and reasons will not be given for decisions not to award any grant.  There is no right of appeal.

If you wish to apply for a grant under his scheme, click here for an application form.

To discuss the possibility of obtaining a grant for your group you may like to contact the Church Administrator,, tel.
01273 812417