The Parish of St Mary the Virgin, Ringmer

Pay Policy

1. Scope/Purpose
2. Paying Staff
3. Pay Reviews
4. Determination of Pay on Appointment
5. Appeals, Complaints & Grievances
6. Distribution and application of the policy
7. Policy Review

1 Scope/Purpose

1.1 This policy covers those undertaking paid roles on behalf of the PCC.

1.2 A separate policy covers those undertaking voluntary work (including the reimbursement of certain expenses agreed and approved in advance.)

1.3 A policy on paying those undertaking remunerated roles is needed to ensure:

1.3.1 People are rewarded fairly and support their recruitment and retention; and

1.3.2 Accountability, transparency and objectivity operate over decisions relating to pay involving church funds.

2 Paying Staff

2.1 Living Wage – the PCC commits to paying at least the “Living Wage” as a minimum to all those undertaking paid roles.  When setting and reviewing pay levels (see sections 3 and 4 below) the PCC will have regard to any available recognised pay scales, or comparative information on national average salary levels, relevant to the work involved. e.g. RSCM pay scales for organists.

2.2 Legal compliance – the PCC, advised by the Treasurer, will ensure it adheres to all relevant employment legislation and requirements relating to tax and pensions.

3 Pay Reviews

3.1 The PCC will ensure the level of pay for all remunerated roles is reviewed annually.  This will normally be undertaken each Autumn and completed by the 30th November.  The outcome of this will be notified to all those concerned by the 31st December, with the effective date of any changes being 1st January of the following year.

3.2 The review will be undertaken by the Treasurer, who will make a recommendation about any changes required for approval by the PCC.

3.3 In exceptional circumstances a pay review may take place at other times of the year. e.g. In response to legislative changes, or to reflect significant changes in job descriptions.

Determination of Pay on Appointment

4.1 Following a recommendation put to it by the Treasurer, the PCC will determine the pay range for any vacancy prior to advertising it.

4.2 The policy of the PCC is normally to appoint any new staff at the bottom of a salary range.  Should an appointing officer/panel wish to award a higher initial salary, then a written case for this must be put for approval by the Treasurer and either the Vicar or a Churchwarden.

5 Appeals, complaints and grievances

5.1 Appeals against the outcome of pay reviews, or any other problems in respect of pay, will be dealt with in accordance with the PCC’s policy regarding the handling of complaints and grievances.   

6 Distribution, and application of the policy

6.1 A copy of this policy will be made available from the PCC Secretary on request.  

6.2 Queries on the construction and application of the policy should be directed in the first instance to the PCC Secretary.

Policy Review – This Pay Policy statement will be reviewed every three years to ensure continued appropriateness

Agreed by the PCC   - 18th July 2016