The Parish of St Mary the Virgin, Ringmer

Investment Policy

1. Purpose
2. Reserves
3. Investment objectives
4. Ethical Investment
5. Investment Management
6. Policy review

1. Purpose

1.1 A policy is necessary to enable the PCC to use its accumulated resources prudently and more effectively in practical ways, which support the whole Mission of the Church.

1.2 Rather than accruing greater reserves for the proverbial rainy day beyond its agreed Reserves Policy, the PCC will develop plans and initiate programmes for the resourcing of projects to help achieve its objectives, for example, church growth, ministry, world mission, and the support of locally based development projects.

2. Reserves Policy

2.1 The PCC's reserves policy is to hold six months of planned expenditure in general reserves to ensure continued financial security, and provide for contingencies.

2.2 Other monies not required for planned activity will be held in dedicated reserves to meet the cost of specific liabilities (such as building related major repairs and maintenance.)

3. Investment objectives

3.1 The PCC has a relatively low appetite for investment risk, but recognises that it is necessary to accept some investment risk in order to produce the best financial return.

4. Ethical investing

4.1 The PCC does not invest knowingly in tobacco, gambling or arms.

5. Investment management

5.1 PCC investment assets are invested in equity based mixed managed funds.

6. Policy review

6.1 This Investment Policy Statement will be reviewed every 3 years to ensure continuing appropriateness.

Agreed by the PCC - 18th July 2016